About the Nerd (Col)lab

Who are we can be summed up in the fictious scene below:

INT. In a well-lit room where two chairs face each other. There are two people facing each other wearing t-shirts with writing on them. One has “Audience” written on the t-shirt and the other hasNerd(Col)lab”. Then, the person with the “Audience” t-shirt says, 

Who are you guys?

Nerd(Col)lab: Who are we?

Audience: Yeah, who are you?

Nerd(Col)lab: We are a bunch of nerdy guys who enjoy the geeky things in life and would like to share our passions and interests to the world!

Audience: Why are you doing this?

Nerd(Col)lab: We’ve noticed that our fandoms isn’t just one particulate genre, theme, character, world, game, etc…. but a cornucopia of different fantasy, science fiction, gaming and superhero worlds and instead of focusing on just one or two, we want to smash it all together and see what we get.

Audience: Oh… what about….

Nerd(Col)lab: (interrupting) That’s where Nerd (Col)lab was born or where Nerd Collaboration was born.

If you say it fast it becomes …. Nerd Lab… or Nerd (Col)lab and the “Col” is silent…

Audience: Nerd(Col)lab (saying it fast)… Nerd(Col)lab (saying it faster)…Nerd(Col)lab (saying very quickly)… Oh! I get it! Nerd (space) Lab!

Nerd(Col)lab:  Yes, that is correct! We try to share what is important to us with you (pointing to the Audience) and connect the dots from a game to novel to show to movie to toy to comic and so on because if we learned anything from Mr. Kevin Bacon… everything is connected…. and knows Kevin Bacon.

Audience: That’s pretty sweet!

Nerd(Col)lab: You bet it’s sweet! Here at Nerd (Col)lab we try to bridge the gap between the mediums (Television, Cinema, Graphic Novel, Novel, Gaming, Tabletop Gaming, Animation, Toys and Collectibles and Cosplay) and celebrate all the different fandoms there are into one easy hub of geekiness.

End Scene

We hope you enjoy what we have to share and hope you visit and frequent our blog often…

Your fellow (col)laborators,

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Mike B aka Dr Horrible, (pretend) PhD in “Geekery” with an emphasis in Nerd Social Interacting Events (Cons), Video Gaming conversation etiquette and is a pretty skilled “Pop” dancer who is also awesome at “Locking.”

Dr. Peter Parker

Dr. Mikey, aka Dr Spider-man, (pretend) PhD in “Animation” with an emphasis in Objects framing motion and discussions of Shots and Shorts that uses rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other and is a huge Barry Allen fan.

Dr. Bruce Banner




Dr. Jay, aka Dr Hulk, (pretend) PhD in “Toys & Collectibles” with an emphasis in Vinyl Figurines, Placement and Location of clear rectangular Displays, the Art and Science of Blindboxing and Strategic Methods of Choosing.

Dr. Iron Man

Dr. Jeremy, aka Dr Iron Man, (pretend) PhD in “Geek Literature” with an emphasis in Graphic Comic Books and Novels who enjoys opinion based discussions of topics spanning superheroes and artist commissioned figurines to movie reviews and convention hunting for exclusives.

Dr. Mario




Dr. Jason,  aka Dr Mario, (pretend) PhD in “Gaming” with an emphasis to the Video/Arcade variety with an interest in the building of imaginary worlds and an avid appreciator of all things that is Blizzard.


Dr. Who

Dr. Kev, aka(10th) Doctor Who, (pretend) PhD in “Survey of Nerd/Geek Culture” with an emphasis in the Complexity of Costuming, Tabletop Game Theory, a novice crafter exploring different materials, an amateur constructor with felt and expert in being a Kid (in an adult’s body).

A big thank you to our resident nerdy illustrator, Mr Brian Kwa who illustrated these awesome avatars for us! Check him out on his site at http://www.kwamatics.com/


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