Heroes and Villains Fanfest 2017

One of the jewels of the now many conventions being held in the Bay Area has to be Heroes and Villains Fanfest. It’s held at the San Jose Convention Center and from my experience, is a great small show to attend for anyone who wants to check out what this is all about but also a must-attend show for those rabid fans (like me) who want a chance to meet a ton of celebrities and have the opportunity to chat with them.

I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer as an ambassador for three years (and counting) and as a volunteer, I get to geek out at another level when I chat with other fans. Almost always, these fans are genuinely friendly and stoked to meet the celebrity attendees. And being able to see them with all smiles after meeting the talent is a reward in itself for me.

I was lucky enough to work Ming-Na Wen’s table and meet her before she had to jump on a plane. She stayed much later than her original schedule and that goes to show how dedicated she is to her fans. Typically I don’t get anything after volunteering but she was super cool to allow a picture and autograph. I, obviously, don’t expect these things and when it does happen, I’m more floored by those celebrities that I am lucky enough to meet.

Overall, the attendance was much higher this year and the way the convention floor was set up allowed for easier walking areas and didn’t appear crowded at all. The energy of the show was top notch which has become a consistent aspect to Heroes and Villains Fanfest and from those fans that I chatted with, both in and out of the lines, they had a blast. Plus, the cosplay was amazing and I was lucky enough to take some pics with some talented individuals and groups this year!

I’m confident the show will be back next year in San Jose and if you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, the same crew manages a show called Walker Stalker Fanfest which should be coming to San Jose in 2018 where fans will have the chance to meet those actors from the AMC show! I know I’ll be signing up to volunteer that show and perhaps not bring the kids to attend since the zombie thing may scare them.

The members of the East Bay Squad welcoming me into the 501st Legion’s Golden Gate Garrison!

But please do check out Heroes and Villains Fanfest in 2018. And maybe you’ll run into me or fellow Nerd(col)laborator, Kevin, sporting our volunteer ambassador shirts!


Did you attend Heroes and Villains Fanfest in San Jose? If you did, what was your favorite part? We’d like to know! Please feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page here or Instagram page here or our Twitter page here.


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