What do you love about Halloween?


Hi nerd fans in the interwebs!

We have a special collaborative post to celebrate not only Halloween in less than a week but Nerd (Col)lab’s second anniversary! We here at Nerd (Col)lab appreciate all the love we’ve received this past year from our facebook page and our blog here to our Twitter and Instagram account! You make us feel appreciated! Thanks for stopping by and perusing our nerdy content and liking and commenting on our social media outlets!

For this second anniversary and it being one of our favorite holidays we love to celebrate, I’ve come up with a few questions to get to know the collaborators of Nerd (Col)lab a little bit better! We hope you enjoy your Halloween festivities this year and hope you dress up and get all the candy you want!

1. What is your favorite scary movie of all time?
Kev: I am not a big fan of scary movies since I get scared too easily and then I dwell on them weeks after the first viewing, but I can appreciate the horror genre. I actually like the older horror movies like Exorcist because they used certain elements to obtain the scare. I know these days it’s all about being suspenseful and more psychological thrillers, but give me a good old fashion startle from a loud phone ringing when you are expecting something crazy to jump out of you!
Mikey: Since scary movies aren’t really my “cup of tea”, I can only recount my most recent admiration for Get Out. It was billed as a “mystery/thriller” but it was so much more than that. Along with the typical jump scare, it was also a thoughtful (and funny) movie with a surprising amount of social commentary.
Jason: I’m not a huge fan of the horror, splatter, or gore film genres either. I do, however, very much enjoy sci-fi of which occasionally has some gory deaths and some scare spots. The original Alien movie would be my recommendation to watch this month, if you’re looking for a sci-fi thriller. Yes, Aliens is a better movie overall, but it’s more of an action movie with some thriller elements in it. For a full on sci-fi thriller, it doesn’t get better than being stuck in deep outer space, being picked off one by one by a creature that kills everyone it sees just because it wants to. Fun fact: the actors (aside from John Hurt) didn’t know what was going to happen in the chest bursting scene. The terror on their faces was the real deal. (Check out the article here: http://www.vulture.com/2016/11/alien-gruesome-chestburster-scene-shock.html)
Jeremy: Anyone can tell you that I’m not a huge horror movie fan and so you won’t see me watching them in the theater or anything like that. I do enjoy monster movies and did get a kick out of the newest King Kong movie, Kong: Skull Island, starring Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, alongside Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, and Brie Larson. I also really enjoyed Pacific Rim which also has monsters in it. But in terms of a pure horror flick, I’d have to say I’m remember being super freaked out by the Ernest Scared Stupid movie growing up. A comedian, Jim Varney, taking on the horror genre is quiet unique and the scary troll in the movie helped decide for myself that horror isn’t for me!

2. What is your favorite Halloween costume you dressed up as?
Kev: I’ve dressed up a bunch growing up and my favorite costume when I was younger was probably was a California Raisin. Yup! It was like a neoprene oval body suit that did not keep the heat in while walking around in the California fall evening but thought it was so cool and I walked around humming the California Raisin theme song!
Mikey: My favorite Halloween costume that I dressed up as was Michelangelo from TMNT when I was a kid. My mom made it for me and she included everything from the bandanna, to the shell, to the nunchucks strapped to the belt. It was the first time I felt truly “dressed up” for Halloween.
Jason: I can only recall two occasions where I dressed up for Halloween. Once in elementary school, where I was a Fireman. The other, as an adult working at a video game company, dressed up as Frank West from Dead Rising, though, everyone thought I just came to work dressed up 
Mfor an interview!
Jeremy: Growing up, I didn’t have a favorite costume actually. I do remember being a California Raisin two years in a row though. But I think my favorite was last year when I made my son his Fix-It Felix costume for Halloween. Yes, it’s much easier in terms of construction but my family did a theme that year so I was Wreck-It Ralph, my wife was one of the racers, and my baby daughter was Vanellope. He really enjoyed wearing that costume which made me super happy. I even made a Wreck-It Ralph cookie medal out of clay!

3. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Kev: I am a big chocolate lover so anything with chocolate is for me minus almond joys. And, if there’s nuts in there, all the better! Growing up, I use to horde Kit Kats, Hershey’s Kisses and Mr Goodbars! I think it all came in a variety pack my parents would buy at the grocery store and would take my favorite ones before the trick or treaters came by!
Mikey: My favorite Halloween candy are Twix. Both of them. 😉
Jason: It’s very hard to resist a bite-sized Snickers bar.
Jeremy: Peanut butter cups. Man oh man, when I get these babies in my Halloween bag, it’s OVER! Just the combination of peanut butter and chocolate just gets me. And amidst the assortment of candies being given out on Halloween, when other kids hope to have th large candy bars, I’m over here collecting the peanut butter cups!

What are your favorite things about Halloween?  We’d love to know what you have planned for ole Hallow’s Eve! Please feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page here or Instagram page here or our Twitter page here.


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