Splatoon 2 Review from a Splatoon 2 Noob!

maxresdefaultOkay! A little about me in regards to gaming, I grew up in the side scrolling 8-bit E for everyone rating fantasy world exclusively produced by Nintendo. We didn’t play online against friends or family in town, across the state, or even around the world! My friends and I played face to face laughing and cheering and booing each other where the smack talk had more affect because it was right in your face! With online gaming a staple in gaming nowadays, I was definitely a fish out of water. I haven’t even played online against people in Star Wars: Battlefront and I’ve had the game for more than a year now. Now, the types of games I played were mostly of the sports persuasion like NFL Blitz and NBA Jam which “button mashing” is what they both have in common. I eventually moved onto a more strategic sporting game like FIFA 2k series, but still gravitated towards easier to control and highly enjoyable, quick games.

I’m not sure how I got into Splatoon, but I do remember watching the Nintendo announcement for the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch the day after the announcement and one, kicked myself since they did start pre-orders after the announcement and two, because pre-orders began the day before, I was not able to secure one on my own. I saw the teaser commercial and was blown away by the featured game with the eSport focus was Splatoon 2! So, because I did not purchase a Wii U system, I googled what Splatoon was and so began the obsession for Splatoon.

splatoon-2Splatoon 2 is an ink-based shooter pitting 4 inklings (squid boy or girl characters that can swim in their own ink as squids but can splat other inklings in kid form) against another 4 inklings. There are three different modes within Splatoon 2 with a few different objectives: but the main idea within the most played mode, Turf War is to cover the most terrain with your color’s ink. Within Turf War, there are Ranked Battles and League Battles with both modes having a specific objective like Tower Control (controlling a tower the longest before time runs out of making it past all the set checkpoints), Splat Zone (similar to Tower Control where you control a set zone instead of a moving tower), and Rainmaker (like capture the flag but instead of a flag you take possession of an awesome weapon and instead of bringing it back from to your base, the rainmaker is situated in the middle of the map and you must walk it to your enemies base or spawn point.) Ranked and League Battles can only be accessed after leveling up to Level 10 in Turf War and gaining a B- rank before being admitted in League Battle. There is a single player campaign called Hero Mode which helps the new Splatoon 2 player familiarize themselves with the different types of weapons that are offered as well as get use to the motion controls for the game. The third mode which is new to Splatoon 2 is the co-op mode called Salmon Run. In Salmon Run, you play as a team of 4 collecting salmon eggs and golden eggs in three different waves of salmonids and boss salmonids. As long as you meet your quota and at least one team member survives before time runs out, you are golden!


Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch - Screenshots - Green & Purple Team Fight

I haven’t played any Ranked or League battles as of yet since I’ve been grinding for experience and coin. You accumulate coins to not only purchase different weapon sets but gear with certain abilities that are associated with it. You can purchase headgear, clothing, and shoes which can enhance your play with certain abilities that can give you an edge playing online against other inklings. And, within Hero Mode and Salmon Run, you can accumulate meal and drink tickets that can be redeemed at Crusty Sean’s food truck to gain 50% more of XP or 50% more of coins as well as enhance gear XP and more of a chance to roll that specific drink ticket ability onces you upgrade each article of clothing. Each gear item once upgrade gains a certain sub-ability which is random. If you are using a drink ticket for Swim Speed, for example, your gear increases XP quicker and you have a higher percent change to roll the Swim Speed ability.


I am thorougly obsessed with this game! I literally bought a Nintendo Switch to play Splatoon 2. I was even considering purchasing the original Splatoon and a Wii U system just to play it earlier! I didn’t even know when the game was going to be released, but after receiving my Nintendo Switch at launch in March, I pre-ordered Splatoon 2 that weekend with a tentative release date for December 29. 2017. You can say, I was looking forward to the release of this game. I started doing my research after the Nintendo Switch announcement. What really turned me on with this game was the whole premise of the game not being a shooter first but more terrain based splatting. To win, you must have the most terrain splatted than your opponents. I am dreadful at first person shooters and because of how unfamiliar I am with the controls and how motion sick I get just watching at the screen, I try to not play those types of games. But, splatting the ground with ink, I can definitely do! Don’t get me wrong, its fun to splat people too even though I don’t seek them out and splatting people is less violent than some other games, so family friendly! And, that isn’t the best part of the game! It’s how you can customize your inkling avatar is! You can choose gender, hairstyle and main pant/short/legging/dress option before gearing up. And, there are different brands with different clothing you can mix in match according to ability and sub-ability or like how I chose when I first started playing, which clothing looked good! I am paying more attention the different abilities but there are ways to increase slots on clothing (the number of stars notes how many slots the clothing can have with the most of three stars making it more rarer to find.)


Before I round out this review, I wanted to mention the profound depth of this game. Yes, it is a shooter game. Yes, it’s basically a paintball cartoon like kids game. But, if you delve into the detail and intricacies of the game, you’ll be blown away. You can upgrade specific gear like I mentioned before to give you that extra oomphf that may give you that slight advantage over another player. The roles you take with the weapons you are assigned during Salmon Run that forces you/helps you work as a team because some weapons are better at splatting different types of boss salmonids than others. I have not played online with friends or local play with friends, but I can see endless fun splatting each other for bragging rights or working as a crew togther in a game that from the outside looks like a little kid game. You can solely approach this game as a ink-based shooter playing 3 min of Turf War in the goal of leveling up gear and experience and have fun. Or you can foster the team mentality and enjoy splatting and gaining levels with your friends and test your mettle against the players of the world. You can even play solo and if you are a gaming completion-ist, try to complete each Hero Mode level with each Hero weapon to be able to unlock each Hero weapon that can be used later in multiplayer.

2017072307130700-CBA841B50A92A904E313AE06DF4EF71A2017080223043200-CBA841B50A92A904E313AE06DF4EF71AI am all of the above and already clocked in 45+ hours playing Splatoon 2 and have participated in the Global Testfire last March (Yes, I did wake up for one of the 4am time blocks), Cake v Ice Cream Splatfest (Go Team Ice Cream) and this past Mayo v Ketchup (even though Team Ketchup lost, I’m happy to have been rewarded with some super sea snails). And, will definitely participate in the future Splatfests if time permits (I had to work the majority of that Saturday during the Splatfest!) If you are not that adept to first person shooter games but want a shooter type game to play, you should check out Splatoon 2 if you are a Nintendo Switch owner. You will not be disappointed!



Have you played Splatoon 2? Have you played the original Splatoon on the Wii U? If you have, we would love to hear your thoughts on the game and play with or against you! Please feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page here or Instagram page here or our Twitter page here.


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