Marvel Heroes 2016

Hey  there, Marvel/video game fans! Today I wanted to tell you about the game I have the pleasure of working on for the past 4+ years. The game is called Marvel Heroes 2016 and I am the Lead Animator on the project.

Before I begin, here’s a trailer showcasing some of the elements of the game:

Marvel Heroes is an ARPG (which stands for Action Role-Playing Game) set in the Marvel Universe. Think Diablo in terms of gameplay. It was founded by one of the original Diablo creators, David Brevik, which explains a lot about its current aesthetic and mechanics. The gameplay features crafting, gear upgrades, achievements, etc. – all that’s expected in a traditional ARPG but also, RAIDS! You and a group of your friends can ban together and take on more challenging scenarios with better loot rewards. Our latest raid has you eventually battling this dude:


As a player, you get to take control of a number of Marvel characters and kick, punch, repulsor blast, etc. Marvel villains and enemies to your heart’s content. Currently, we boast a roster of 57 playable characters:

Antman Human Torch
Black Cat Iceman
Black Panther Invisible Woman
Black Widow Iron Fist
Blade Iron Man
Captain America Jean Grey
Colossus Juggernaut
Cyclops Kitty Pryde
Daredevil Loki
Deadpool Luke Cage
Dr Doom Magik
Dr Strange Magneto
Elektra Moon Knight
Emma Frost Mr Fantastic
Gambit Captain Marvel
Ghost Rider Nightcrawler
Green Goblin Nova
Hawkeye Psylocke
Hulk Punisher
Rogue Rocket Raccoon
Scarlet Witch Thing
She Hulk Thor
Silver Surfer Venom
Spider-Man Vision
Squirrel Girl War Machine
Star Lord Winter Soldier
Storm Wolverine
Taskmaster X-23

Whew! Annnnnnnd we have plans to add Nick Fury, Ultron, Angela and Black Bolt!

Additionally, we have non-playable Team-Up characters that you can choose to have fight alongside you. These include:

Quicksilver Captain America
Wolverine Clea
Arachine Falcon
Deadpool Domino
Spider-Man Firestar
Magik Agent Coulson
Havok Groot
Spider-Woman Gamora
Carnage She-Hulk
Wasp Thor
Dr Doom Drax

Wait, but there are some playable characters on that list, does that mean I can play as Wolverine and have Wolverine as a team up? Yes….. yes it does… =)

Another great thing about the game is that we’re closely tied to what’s happening in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). From featuring Daredevil’s Netflix costume to adding in events directly inspired by the movies, we are constantly adding gameplay that allows you to relive and play through iconic battles. Over the years, we’ve had many events that coincided with the Marvel movies. Our latest is a gameplay mode mirroring the events in Captain America: Civil War. In it, you choose a side (either pro or anti registration) and get to fight the opposing side in an airport environment. Below is a little snippet of the action:

As Lead Animator, it’s always fun to be able to take what I see on the big screen and make it playable for our fans. Many character moves are directly inspired by their cinematic counterpart. Cap has an overhead spin kick taken from his fight with Batroc in The Winter Soldier and Iron Man has his “one-off” laser power taken from Iron Man 2:

Oh and the best part? It’s all Free-to-play! Yup! You can download the client RIGHT NOW and start playing immediately!

So what are you waiting for?!?!?! Download it now and give it a shot!

*all photos & videos taken from google search and

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