Disney Infinity’s Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set


One of the games that help me make friends in college, were battle royale style games that pitted four players in an all for one fight for the last man or woman standing! Nintendo’s Smash Bros  was our game of choice with a steady rotation of Golden Eye (golden gun setting is super fun!) and Perfect Dark where would we rotated the bottom two finishers with new players. Those were the games that helped me bond with new friends as well as waste time between classes and on the weekends. There still is Super Smash Bros for the Ninentdo 3DS and Wii U bringing a new generation that fun I had growing up and helping new friends bond over shared interest.

I recently purchased a Disney Infinity 3.0 play set and am loving my Star Wars figures. I did see the Marvel Battlegrounds set featuring a new Captain America figure and with a familiar game play as my beloved Smash Bros, I was enticed in purchasing it. Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set was released on March 15, 2016 compatible with in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. Similar to Smash Bros, the Play Set will include a four player Cooperative (Co-Op) versus mode with a playable story mode.

Marvel Battlegrounds Wakanda Mission (from kotaku.com)


Only Marvel characters can be used with Battlegrounds minus Baymax and Hiro from 3.0 Characters liked Ant-Man, Blank Panther, Black Suit Spider-Man, Ultron, Vision, and Hulkbuster Iron Man to 2.0 Characters like Black Widow, Gaurdians of the Galaxy figures from Rocket Racoon to to Yondu, to Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Loki, Nova, and even Venom! 3.0 and 2.0 Power Discs can be used but give the characters certain abilities.

Check out the video above for Marvel Battlegrounds Versus Mode (from kotaku.com)

With the ease of adding figures to use in Battlegrounds with only two spots for figure placement, once the figure is locked into the game, it can be used until the game is reset. Friends can bring over their own figures or if you have a friend with a collection of figures, go to his house and you can choose any character you desire! Who wouldn’t like to play as your favorite superhero and fight against your friends who are also superheroes! I had hoped Disney Infinity would eventually allow cross compability with other Disney and Star Wars figures like battling Buzz Lightyear and Boba Fett against each other, but with the announcement that Disney is cancelling Disney Infinity, those dreams will probably never come to fruition.

*all photos taken from google search or kotaku.com

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