Subscription Boxes 101

In our day and age, Amazon is a household word. You order something from your computer or mobile phone and in a few days, it arrives at your door. Pretty convenient, right? Then introduce subscription boxes. These boxes could be anything: dog themed, organic food themed, and even nerd themed. Nerd themed sounds super general, but let’s dive into what a nerd themed subscription box looks like.

1Up Box's July 2015 swag
1Up Box’s July 2015 swag

Nerd is now a general societal term that once was used to label smart and awkward people. It still retains that same definition now but also includes purveyors of video games and comic books. These nerds are into similar things and thus was born the subscription box for nerds! There are several nerd themed subscription boxes out there right now but they all tend to include the same things:

  1. A monthly nerdy theme like Sidekicks or Halloween
  2. A limited edition Funko vinyl toy, which may or may not be a Pop Vinyl or any other Funko made collectible
  3. A kick-ass t-shirt that usually has a mashup of characters based on the monthly theme
  4. A collectible pin that includes the date and theme on it
  5. Little extra cool miscellaneous stuff that may include key chains, stickers, a plush you, or even magnets

Majority of the subscription boxes offered boast a value of upwards from $50 and retail around $20-$30 dollars which isn’t too bad. And the subscriptions packages may include monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly packages. So whatever subscription fits your budget is offered. In a matter of mouse clicks, you could be enjoying a new subscription box every month. How cool is that!

And it usually is a grab bag of cool stuff that nerds who love comic books, video games, and pop culture would be onboard to drop their hard earned cash for. I, personally, have subscribed to a few monthly subscription boxes and thought they were pretty cool. I don’t have a subscription right now because my nerd t-shirt game is on point and busting at the seams but a Star Wars themed subscription box is enticing me at the moment.

Smuggler's Bounty Subscription Box
Smuggler’s Bounty Subscription Box

Here are a few examples of subscription box videos where nerds like us unbox their monthly goodies. Check them out!

Subscription box: Lootcrate

Lootcrate Unboxing: October 2015 (Time) by The Arcade

Subscription box: 1Up Box

1Up Box Unboxing: September 2015 (Pixels) by ZackScottGames

Subscription box: Mavel’s Collector Corp

Marvel Collector Corp Unboxing: October 2015 (Villians) by Nerd Therapy

There are a ton of subscription boxes to choose from and a simple Google search < Google search link > will give you all those that are offered. I’ve subscribed to Lootcrate, 1Up Box, Marvel’s Collector Corp, and Nerd Block in the past. They all were pretty cool and definitely satisfied the nerd in me. So check them out and maybe get a new subscription just in time for Christmas!


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